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London train line close to residential properties

Acoustic Design Advice

Motorways, train lines and industrial units can generate high levels of noise, while underground lines can cause vibrations. If your Local Planning Authority thinks you may have a noise or vibration concern, they can request a survey is completed as part of a planning submission.

How Energist can help

Depending on the location of your development, you may require Acoustic Design Advice if your Local Planning Authority request a Noise and Vibration survey as part of your planning submission. This survey may be requested if your site is near high levels of noise or vibrations, such as motorways, train lines, industrial units or underground lines.

The survey will need to be completed before any work begins on site to gauge the background noise level. Your specification can then be adapted accordingly to reduce noise and vibrations.

A Noise and Vibration survey can also be requested if you are developing in a sensitive area, so that noise levels can be monitored during construction to ensure work is carried out within set decibel levels and within curfew hours.

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Why choose Energist?

  • Our team work closely with specialist acousticians to design a fully bespoke testing regime that will meet your planning conditions.
  • Our trusted team of specialists provide all the services you need under one roof, helping to simplify the process and take the workload off your desk.
  • We are an experienced team who can organise the services you need smoothly and also liaise with the authorities on your behalf.

You may also need:

Our team provide a host of services relating to sustainable building practices to satisfy both your planning and building control requirements.

  • Many Local Planning Authorities now request a BREEAM Assessment to ensure a building is constructed to a high standard.
  • For planning applications made before 2015, Code for Sustainable Homes may still be required as part of legacy planning conditions.
  • Building a hotel, care home or school? These buildings have specific acoustic requirements and may need Acoustic Testing.