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Circular Economy Statement

As the carbon emissions from our homes becomes less and less, attention is now turning to the materials used to create our buildings in the first place. This new requirement encourages the use of materials that are easily recyclable, manufactured with low emissions, and are designed to last.

How can Energist help

Designers working on major development sites in London are now expected to provide Circular Economy Statements on top of the countless other planning conditions regularly requested in the city.

This requirement will be officially launched as part of the New London Plan, however the Greater London Authority (GLA) is already requesting this and is encouraging local boroughs to follow suite on smaller building projects.

The circular economy principle encourages a more efficient use of building materials, leading to financial savings in the long run.

Designers should use building materials which are made to last, which are easy to re-use and recycle, and which may already be second-hand.  They also need to consider how the new development can be disassembled or retrofitted at a later date without excessive renovation costs.

We can provide Circular Economy Statements at three stages through the build process. A draft Statement setting out aspirational commitments can satisfy the pre-planning stage, a more detailed version is available for full planning sign-off, and a post-completion version – based on the actual building materials used – may be required after works are completed on site.


Mark Asimakis

Energy Planning Manager


Mark Asimakis

Energy Planning Manager

Why choose Energist?

  • Our Planning team are able to explain this complex new requirement simply. Our reports tick the boxes while explaining the steps in a straightforward, easy-on-the-eye way
  • We will not give you unrealistic specification goals. We will explain from day one what the planning condition requires, and guide you along the path to compliance
  • We will get back to you within 24 hours if you have a query
  • Circular Economy is one of a handful of different sustainability-related planning reports we can produce for you

Complete solutions with Energist

  • Planners seem to ask the world these days – we have a comprehensive list of services which we complete in-house. This includes Energy Strategies, BREEAM, Whole Life Cycle and Overheating Analysis
  • We will review your planning conditions in full and tell you which ones we can help with. You may be surprised with just how many boxes we can tick
  • We can help post-planning as well. The Energist Technical Team can deal with SAP and SBEM compliance, while our Testing team can carry out your air leakage and acoustic tests on site