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Code For Sustainable Homes

Although it is no longer requested by Local Planning Authorities, Code for Sustainable Homes Assessments will still need to be completed on sites where it was included as a planning condition and the planning application was made in England before 26th March 2015.

How Energist can help

Code for Sustainable Homes was a credits-based assessment introduced in England and Wales, which was designed to push developers into meeting even tougher energy and sustainability standards. Although the scheme ended in 2015, any developments in England that submitted a planning application prior to 26th March 2015, and had Code For Sustainable Homes (CSH) included as a planning condition, are still required to complete the assessment.

Despite the fact that CSH is no longer requested, we still work with many developers who need to complete this legacy assessment on their current site. Our team of specialist assessors are extremely familiar with the requirements of this assessment and will identify the most cost-effective and appropriate credits to aim for.

Code for Sustainable Homes is a complicated assessment and evidence must be collected from various sources as the building work progresses, which is why it is best to instruct a Code for Sustainable Homes assessor as soon as possible.

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Why choose Energist?

  • Qualified team of in-house assessors with over 10 years of experience.
  • We carry out post-construction inspections in a timely manner and often use the site visit as an opportunity to collect and review documentary evidence with your project team.
  • We always listen to your specific requirements and seek credits which are likely to be the most cost-effective for you.
  • We have several qualified assessors in-house so there is someone on hand to guide you at all times during your Code project.
  • We provide enough of a credit buffer to deal with unforeseen changes between Design and Post-Construction submissions.

Complete Solutions from Energist

Code for Sustainable Homes are one of a host of services that Energist’s Technical Team can help you with. You may also need:

  • For residential dwellings, a SAP Calculation is required to show energy efficiency compliance.
  • An Ecology Assessment will provide information on the impact a project will make to the local ecology and will prove the ecological value following the construction of a project.
  • Daylight and Sunlight Assessment may be required as a planning condition at the request of your local authority and will show the impact of your proposed development on neighbouring buildings.
  • A Home User Guide is a document that acts as an instruction manual for a new house and informs a new occupier about essential information regarding the house and its environment.