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Energy Statement

Planning departments can request new building projects include solar panels or impose tougher emission rate targets than current Building Regulations. To demonstrate that the sustainability targets in planning conditions are being met, an Energy Statement will need to be produced.

How Energist can help

Many local authorities are keen to encourage developers to be more energy efficient by going above and beyond the requirements of current Building Regulations. Energy Statements are often required by local authorities to demonstrate how local planning policy will be met through a mix of fabric improvements, renewable technologies and heating networks. Forming part of a development’s planning conditions, the report will need to be produced to support the planning application.

Developers will need to commit to carrying out the construction based on the improved design as shown in the Energy Statement. Some planning departments may ask for post-construction checks to ensure the Energy Statement recommendations have been followed.

Our team understands that it’s essential to make sure the Energy Statement strikes the perfect balance between meeting the requirements of planners and not over-committing you with a costly and unrealistic specification.

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Ruth Pike

Energy & Sustainability Specialist


Ruth Pike

Energy & Sustainability Specialist

Why choose Energist?

  • Our team will discuss several options for compliance with you to ensure you receive the most cost-effective and suitable strategy for meeting the energy standard of the Local Planning Authority.
  • Our experienced assessors will always try to get the best results from our SAP Assessments, for example by calculating thermal mass, rather than using default values.
  • We liaise with the Local Planning Authority on your behalf to ensure we are meeting the relevant policy and ensuring that our energy statement is accepted first time around.

Complete Solutions from Energist

An Energy Statement is one of a host of services that Energist’s Technical Team can help you with. You may also need:

  • For residential dwellings, a SAP Calculation is required to show energy efficiency compliance.
  • For non-domestic buildings, a SBEM Calculation is required to show energy efficiency compliance.
  • Many Local Planning Authorities now request a BREEAM Assessment to ensure a building is constructed to a high standard.