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Thermal imaging thermographic testing survey on residential building

Thermographic Survey

How can you be sure your building has been constructed correctly? Thermographic Testing can be used to highlight any issues with parts, materials or systems and to earn additional credits upon completion in your BREEAM Assessment.

How Energist can help

A Thermographic Survey is a non-intrusive way of confirming the thermal integrity of the building fabric. As well as showing where heat is being lost, this survey can also be used to indicate the probability of mould or condensation and locate any air gaps in the building. Developers or occupants may also request a Thermographic Survey to identify the movement of air between insulation and plasterboard layers, which can cause cold spots.

There is no requirement under Building Regulations to complete this survey, but it can earn you an extra credit in BREEAM assessments or be used to help settle disputes with homeowners or developers.

Thermographic Surveys are completed on existing or recently completed buildings. The survey involves taking a collection of photographs using a thermal imaging camera and then analysing these photographs to identify the cause of the reported problem.

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Our in-house team of technical specialists can also help you with:

  • A Thermographic Survey can help you earn credits in a BREEAM Assessment, which may be requested by your Local Planning Authority to ensure a building is constructed to a high standard.