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Which energy and sustainability services do I need to comply with building regulations? Take a look at our guide
8 Minute Read • Regulatory Updates

Meet the Team: Q&A with Mark

Regulatory Updates
Regulatory Updates

Meet the Team: Q&A with Mark


Mark Asimakis, Senior Energy and Sustainability Specialist

Mark heads up our Planning Team and Thermal Modelling service to deliver dynamic thermal models and overheating analysis.

Mark has many years experience working on projects to mitigate overheating risk, especially in London, and has a thorough knowledge of the requirements for compliance with the London Plan. Mark shares a summary of his time at Energist in a quick Q&A:

“My role is to lead the Planning Team in providing cost-effective solutions to our clients within their planning deadlines. Thanks to our in-house team and full suite of services, if we have your project at planning, we can help drive solutions and results throughout the entire construction.”


1. Describe yourself in three words
Committed, dedicated and driven.

2. What is a big problem in the construction industry that Energist are helping to solve?
Overheating is becoming a serious issue in highly populated areas such as London and our larger cities. With other factors like noise restrictions and pollution control, closed windows are often a requirement, which can make cooling a room more complicated.

Our summers are also becoming hotter and hotter with the impact of climate change and currently Building Regulations don’t reflect this. Our focus is providing cost-effective solutions that work for your planning condition and also consider your individual requirements.

3. What has been your most rewarding moment since joining Energist?
When you’re providing solutions in such a challenging environment such as London, you are often required to find the solutions quickly. Meeting a client’s deadline and having them come back to thank you for how you dealt with their project is very rewarding.

4. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
I love lions. I think they’re trustworthy, loyal, inspiring and awesome. And I hate hyenas too.

5. What is your favourite chocolate?
Milk or white chocolate – anything sweet!

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