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8 Minute Read • Regulatory Updates

Why choose Energist?

Regulatory Updates
Regulatory Updates

Why choose Energist?


Why Energist?

You may be reading this looking for reasons why you would choose Energist over other suppliers, so to help your decision process, here are ten reasons:

1. We are on top of industry announcements

Our industry is always evolving, and it’s important that you can trust consultants to not only be up to date, but to also be ready for changes when they happen. The Energist Technical Team are always on the look out for announcements from both the government and key planning authorities so we can be ready for any changes to requirements before they go live.

2. We provide options and explanations

We hear stories of developers being given non-compliant documents, with nobody available to explain why. We don’t understand this. The Energist Technical team are available to offer solutions when things don’t quite add up. We can explain the reasons for non-compliance and offer options for getting your site over the mark.

3. Speed when you need it

Even the most laid-back site managers occasionally need to crack the whip. When you’re against the clock, you need all consultants to fall in line. Energist’s commitment to same-day EPC lodgements and 60 minute air test certificates shows we are happy to live in the fast lane.

4. Clear communication

Einstein said “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. We pride ourselves on producing clear guides about our services, communicating in plain English and not muddying the waters.

5. A team of specialists under one roof

Energist is a one-stop-shop for compliance with sustainable planning and building regulations requirements. If you use us for multiple services our Technical Team work closely together to avoid repetition or contradiction.

6. We’re a growing team

Our ever-growing team of technical specialists and engineers isn’t going to cause you delays because of holiday commitments. We have taken on work because a developer’s previous consultant had gone away for a few weeks.

7. Our testimonials

Our clients are at the centre of everything we do and customer feedback speaks volumes. We are often referred to as friendly, thoughtful and positive… an extension of your team… memorable, trusted and relied upon.

8. We are independent specialists

We pride ourselves on being independent from politics and lobby groups. We have no ties with specific manufacturers and the technical advice you receive is fully independent.

9. We focus on cost-effective solutions

We don’t over-specify or over-spend your budget. If we think your specification is too good, we’ll be honest with you and tell you. Sometimes developers want to push the limits of eco-living, but we equally know that many builders are more concerned about finding the cheapest way to comply.

10. We share our knowledge

Our clients rely on us to keep them updated when regulations change. As a customer of Energist, you’ll receive industry news updates, and be able to request training seminars and workshops to help you and your team continue to design compliant buildings for years to come.



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