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Commercial EPC

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) document presents the predicted energy efficiency of a building and offers advice on how it can be improved. All Non-domestic buildings require an EPC regardless of the buildings use, and when it is offered for sale or rent.

How Energist can help

When a Non-domestic building is offered for sale or rent, whether that is a shop, office, factory or hotel, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be required. This document and supplementary report presents the predicted energy efficiency of the building and offers advice on how this can be improved.

New buildings require an EPC at the point of handover, and anything built in the last ten years should already possess one, but for existing buildings a site inspection is required. If you have several buildings, we can complete multiple site inspections in one visit.

Following the site visit, our SBEM Assessors will issue your certificate within a week of the site survey and should your EPC fall into the bottom two energy efficiency categories (F or G), we will offer the most viable renovation solutions to meet compliance with MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards).

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Aaron Perry

Technical Delivery Manager


Aaron Perry

Technical Delivery Manager

Why choose us?

  • We can add addresses to Landmark on your behalf, taking the stress and pressure off. Simply let us know what you want to appear on your EPC and we’ll do the rest.
  • We have a team of energy assessors capable of producing EPCs. If anyone is ever away, then there is always an assessor on hand for any urgent queries.

Complete solutions from Energist

Commercial EPC are one of a host of services that Energist’s Technical Team can help you with. You may also need:

  • For commercial buildings, a SBEM Calculation is required to show energy efficiency compliance.