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London Plan - Overheating

Developers must consider the risk of high internal temperatures during the planning and design process. With dynamic Thermal Modelling and Overheating Analysis, we can help satisfy the complex overheating planning condition and make recommendations for design changes to avoid uncomfortable living spaces and negative customer feedback from occupants.

How Energist can help

As summer temperatures continue to increase in recent years, the risk of overheating has been thrown into the forefront of planning policy in London. With increased glazing ratios, thermally efficient construction and the extensive use of communal heating systems, mitigating overheating risk has become a major design consideration, both at planning stage and through detailed design.

Building Regulation standards are notoriously inaccurate in their assessment of overheating risk and as a result, dynamic thermal modelling is used by planning authorities and design teams to reduce the risk of summer overheating both in dwellings and communal spaces.

Our technical team of experienced specialists will work closely with you and the design team to help balance overheating mitigation with energy strategies and air quality or acoustic requirements.

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Mark Asimakis

Energy Planning Manager


Mark Asimakis

Energy Planning Manager

Why choose Energist?

  • Our highly experienced team produce a 3D model of your building and use weather data to indicate any areas where heat build up may cause uncomfortable living conditions.
  • We pride ourselves on working as a reliable part of your design team and providing a clear report that includes our findings within your deadlines.
  • We provide initial advice on possible risky areas in the design at early design stages to ensure adequate measures are put in place as early as possible.
  • We keep note of air quality, noise and daylight assessments and always aim to suggest measures in line with these disciplines to avoid any delays from the Planning Authority.

Complete solutions from Energist

Thermal Modelling assessments is one of many planning conditions we can help you with:

  • Changes to your specification as part of mitigating overheating risk may impact acoustic performance, requiring Acoustic Design Advice.
  • A Daylight and Sunlight Assessment may be required as a planning condition at the request of your local authority and will show the impact of your proposed development on neighbouring buildings.
  • Many Local Authorities request an Energy Statement to encourage developers to be more environmentally friendly.