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SAP 10 Analysis

Approved Document AD L is changing. Sites registered after June 2022 will need to meet new, stricter targets which are set to reshape the way we design and build our homes. This R&D service helps construction companies prepare for what’s to come by testing their current specification against the proposed new targets.

How Energist can help

The UK has committed to reaching net zero carbon standard by 2050. All sectors of industry need to play their part, and construction is no exception.

Building Regulations will soon be changing to enforce much stricter energy and emission targets on all new houses.

Thicker wall insulation, triple glazing, waste water heat recovery, heat pumps and solar panels are all items that construction companies will need to consider as standard in preparation for these changes.

The first wave of changes will happen in June 2022 when newly registered sites in England and Wales will need to meet the latest requirements. Un-started buildings on existing construction sites will need to fall in line from June 2023. Then, in 2025, a second update to Approved Document L will mean new homes need to be built even closer to a zero energy standard.

Similarly, Section 6 regulations in Scotland are expected to change in 2023.

Energist is known for taking a proactive stance on dealing with new regulations. We are offering in-depth analysis and advice to clients who want to plan ahead and be ready to build on the first day of the new regulations going live.

Our SAP10 Analysis will show how your current specification is likely to fare against the new targets, with options to show how to fully comply with the expected new standards.

This service is available to cover the 2022 / 2023 updates scheduled for England, Wales and Scotland.

Note: This analysis can only be used for development purposes at this time. For AD L compliance you will need to continue using our standard SAP service. Building control bodies will not accept SAP10 analysis as a form of compliance against the current (SAP2012) standard.

If you are working on a development where your planning condition refers to ‘SAP10emissions’, click here for further information. London Plan Energy Strategy

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Why choose Energist?


  • The SAP10 Analysis will be completed by a specially trained member of the Energist Technical Team
  • We will provide solutions in a simple, easy to understand report with clear definitions and recommendations
  • We take on board your preferences to reach compliance, and will base our report on methods that match your preferred approach
  • We will value engineer the changes to your specification to avoid over-specifying; keeping additional build costs down
  • Your SAP10.1 analysis will be completed by specially trained members of our Technical Team

Complete solutions from Energist

Energist has been helping construction companies and designers with energy efficiency compliance targets since 2005. This will be the fifth revamp of AD L our Technical Team has dealt with.

We have the experience to quickly interpret how these regulation changes may impact building sites in the real world.

Energist offers this bespoke analysis report to review how your current housing design and specification is likely to fare when measured against the proposed changes, and whether you’ll need to consider improvements before the regulations go live.

We can also offer training sessions and webinars to explain how the SAP10 changes are likely to affect future – and existing – building sites. Ask our team for details.