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Energist's commitment to identifying cost-saving solutions, even in high-end developments

25 Jul 2019


The challenge

Every builder, designer and architect knows how difficult it is for developments to keep to a budget and the strain is even greater on high-end developments where scrimping on quality isn’t an option. So it’s always refreshing when a consultant can offer solutions that save you money, without impacting the look of a home.

Spitfire Bespoke Homes, who specialise in large, high quality bespoke homes, approached Energist to complete the Part L SAP calculations and Part G water efficiency calculations for five new five-bedroom detached houses in Surrey – the smallest of which was still an impressive 2,700 square feet.

Based on the initial specification suggested by the development team, the SAP calculations were completed well within the required timeframes, and were comfortably meeting the required Part L Target Emission Rate. In fact, they were performing 15% better.

The solution

For some companies offering SAP calculations, that would have been the end of the story. However, Aaron Perry from Energist’s Technical Team went the extra mile, and reviewed ways of scaling back on the specification; keeping in mind any changes couldn’t cheapen the look of the homes, and couldn’t fall outside the requirements of Part L.

In total, five variations of the SAP models were presented back to Spitfire. Each one ensured compliance with the regulations while offering a cost-saving to the builders. These options included a reduction in the amount of wall insulation, alternative window options and changing to a different type of ventilation system. The developer took away these options to assess which would give them the best balance between appearance, compliance and money saving.

The result

Robert Taylor, the Technical Director for the Southern Region said “Connie and the team always provide a technically competent solution to the issues in hand.

If we notice your development is exceeding the mandatory requirements, we are equally keen to suggest ways of cost saving, because we know every penny we can save you in the Part L budget will be very quickly spent somewhere else.