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Whole Life Cycle Assessments (WLC or LCA)

The process of constructing, renovating and demolishing our buildings creates more carbon than all the years we spend occupying them. But today’s Building Regulations ignore this significant impact on the environment.

England, Wales and Scotland

Non-domestic and Residential Refurbishment

How Energist can help

Whole Life Cycle Assessments (WLC or LCA) predict the total carbon emissions of a building over its lifetime, including the emissions used to create it and recycle it. This modelling technique is also known as the embodied energy or the carbon footprint.

All key building components are considered in this assessment, from the cement between the bricks to the bedroom skirting boards. The calculation considers the amount of CO2 used to produce each material, transport to site and the impact of recycling it.

WLC is now a mandatory planning condition for all major developments in London. This was introduced when the London Plan was updated in 2021, although some local authorities had been requesting this prior to it being rolled out across the capital.

For construction projects that require a BREEAM rating, an LCA report has been a mandatory requirement since 2018.

We are also working with developers who have opted to complete lifecycle assessments voluntarily to help them source materials with lower carbon footprints for their future developments.

Typically, there are three stages to the life cycle assessment. A pre-planning edition covers the proposed principles which will be adopted on site. A second phase includes full modelling of the carbon emissions across the development, including options for improving the results. A third, post-construction version provides results using project specific construction data and compares these results against a target.

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Will Orriss-Baxter

BREEAM Manager


Will Orriss-Baxter

BREEAM Manager

Why choose Energist?

  • Our team have extensive experience of Life Cycle Analysis and know which materials perform better than others
  • We can provide full compliance through the modelling of architectural details of your building to understand the full embodied impacts, including those relating to its construction.
  • Our Life Cycle specialists can provide you with detailed recommendations for reducing the impact of your building either through efficient design, material selection or swapping suppliers.
  • We can provide you with the Life Cycle Assessment modelling and options appraisal reporting necessary to maximise your credits in this area and potentially achieve over 10% of your required BREEAM target in one hit.

Complete solutions from Energist

  • We have a comprehensive list of sustainable planning services completed in-house. This includes Energy Strategies, BREEAM, Circular Economy Statements and TM59 Overheating Analysis
  • Our technical team also includes BREEAM AP qualified assessors, specialists in SBEM and TM54 Operational Energy calculations. We have partners who deal in acoustics, ecology and thermography.
  • When planning permission for your development has been approved, you can stay with the Energist Technical team as we guide you through compliance with Approved Document Part L.