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Forest log stacks lifecycle assessment of building materials

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

As part of BREEAM 2018, you are now required to complete a Life Cycle Assessment, which was voluntary under earlier schemes. This assessment predicts the carbon footprint of each individual material used during the construction of a new development.

England, Wales and Scotland

Non-domestic and Residential Refurbishment

How Energist can help

The Life Cycle Assessment was introduced with BREEAM 2018 to predict the carbon footprint of materials, considering the production, transport, refurbishment, replacement and eventually disposal. The more sustainable your materials, the more BREEAM credits you will earn, which means that this assessment is a great way of earning some high value credits.

As with most elements of BREEAM it’s important to complete the LCA assessment early, which means prior to the end of Concept Design. The Life Cycle Assessment should be completed early enough so the results can be used by your design team. If an LCA is completed later than Concept Design then credits can still be achieved however the total number of credits available is capped.

Our in-house BREEAM team is qualified to produce Life Cycle Assessments. We can complete the calculation for you, check the performance against BREEAM and offer advice on potential changes to your material list that could earn you extra high-value credits.

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Will Orriss-Baxter

BREEAM Manager


Will Orriss-Baxter

BREEAM Manager

Why choose Energist?

  • We can provide full compliance through the modelling of architectural details of your building to understand the full embodied impacts, including those relating to its construction.
  • Our Life Cycle specialists can provide you with detailed recommendations for reducing the impact of your building either through efficient design, material selection or supplier selection.
  • We can provide you with the Life Cycle Assessment modelling and options appraisal reporting necessary to maximise your credits in this area and potentially achieve over 10% of your required BREEAM target in one hit.

Complete solutions from Energist

Our technical team also includes BREEAM AP qualified assessors, specialists in SBEM compliance and overheating risk experts, plus we have partners in acoustics, ecology and thermography.

This combination of skills means we can work together to provide you with a smooth BREEAM experience, and come up with solutions when they’re needed.

  • Our team are qualified and experienced producing BREEAM Assessments, working to the 2018 scheme.
  • For non-domestic buildings, a SBEM Calculation is required to show energy efficiency compliance.